I believe that we all have a recipe for happiness. I notice that each of my clients have certain activities or behaviours that, when practiced regularly, can improve their mood.

For one of my clients, exercise is the key to happiness. For another, getting enough sleep is the biggest factor.

It just depends on your individual needs. So think about you routine. Notice, when do I feel happiest? Does my good mood coincide with exercise, sleep, eating, taking my vitamins, seeing friends, or being productive at work? When does your mood improve? What makes you feel hopeful, happy, and positive? Do more of those things. It’s simple really.

Ask yourself if you are getting the things you need to be happy. Don’t feel guilty about your needs, and stop comparing yourself to others. Know what you have to do to make your happiness formula work.

So, make a priority list of these things that work in your formula.

Below is an example of a Happiness Formula. Take a look and then calculate yours!

Aerobics 4 x week + Yoga 1x a week + Sleeping 8 hours + Socializing with Friends 2x a week + Taking Supplements Daily + Sex (or self pleasure) 3x a week = You feeling calmer, happier and having more ease in your life.

Some people need less sleep, others need more sex, some hate yoga, but think about what works for YOU. Take a moment to think about what your happiness formula is. Think about the things, when you do them, that light you up, make you happy and bring you joy. Book these things in to your calendar. Once you get into the habit of doing them, they will become second nature and then you will get to the point where you can’t live without them! You will feel so much better that not sticking to your happiness formula will feel so bad that you will want to do it.