Many people are afraid to take that first step toward getting the help they need, simply because they fear what that first step may be like. Will I be judged? What will the therapist be like? Will I feel better right away?

In your very first session, I will explain what therapy is, what to expect, and we will discuss the confidentiality agreement. After you consent to treatment, I will get to know you, and you may talk about your past, the reasons why you are seeking counselling, etc. My job, as a therapist, is to ask the difficult questions; the questions that you, the client, may not want to think about. These questions may include; Are you happy in your marriage? Do you think you have a drinking problem? Do you like your job?

A lot of people say that they feel “lighter,” after leaving therapy, as if they have released a burden. They often feel empowered, inspired, and simply put: better. However, sometimes they don’t feel this way, and can feel overwhelmed by the emotions we have uncovered together. One benefit of our therapy sessions is that you will always leave with a task to complete. You leave sessions with tools to implement in your life. Sometimes, this homework is about nutrition, and other times, it’s a film to watch. This work is about pushing you outside of your comfort zone, and holding you accountable to complete the daunting task of confronting your issues.

Sessions are an hour long. Some just see me for a few sessions, and some clients have seen me for a few years, on and off. The relationship is much like the one you may have with a physician. You may not see the doctor for a year, but then you catch the flu and have to go in for treatment. Therapy is not supposed to last a long time, but it’s a relationship that can last a lifetime. Much like your doctor, I am here for support when you need it.