person blowing snow

The first time snow fell this year, I looked out the window and my first thoughts were, “ugh snow… driving in a mess and slush.” Then one of my twins ran to the front window, eyes wide open, face beaming with excitement, so blissful and he yelled “SNOW!” He was so so happy. 

As adults, when do we lose our magic? I remember being a kid and the simple things like snow making me happy. I remember when I lived in the present in the moment, I was able to play and be imaginative. As adults, I think we get so wrapped up in to-do lists, paying our bills, achievement, that we really lose sight of what matters. 


Just for a moment, try to see the world through your child or a child’s eyes. Take yourself back to when you were a four year old. Breathe into your heart and connect with that part of you because it still exists. Allow the part of you that had awe, wonder, joyfulness and loved life to come bubbling to the surface.

I feel as if we lose this child-like self and then we try to get it back through meditation, but what can help us get there even faster is allowing the children around us to ground us in the present moment. Children can definitely frustrate us and keep us really busy, but I also think that if we let them, they can help us remember how magical life can be.

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woman wearing black jacket lying on snow