You embark on a dating detox when you want a change. We commit to a detox – whether it’s diet or dating – when we want to change the way things are.

It’s easy for you to feel frustrated with your love life when you’re constantly attracted to the same type of guy. Most of the frustration is because you’re getting hurt and starting to notice a pattern, such as attracting the wrong type of person. It may be a different guy, but seems to be the same pattern. Or maybe you have become so picky and particular about what you want in a man that you leave dates feeling even more lonely and hopeless.

When you are constantly finding things wrong with your dates, it has more to do with your future. It is linked to you thinking that you won’t be able to handle that flaw in the future, such as him wearing runners with jeans or sleeping with his socks on.

The Dating Detox is spending 90 days of no dating and no friends-with-benefits. It requires you to fill yourself up with your girlfriends. But the most important element of the detox is reflection. You reflect on how you can break your patterns. One way to effectively reflect is to journal about past relationships, particularly what you did in them. We can really learn about ourselves and how we function in intimate relationships through reflecting on our patterns.

Journaling about the major relationships and then writing about the pattern of what happened and how it ended can help you understand yourself better. ‘He cheated on me and then the next guy cheated on me,’ is an observation that helps you notice xanax bars online your patterns and the pattern of the types of guys you date.

After the 90 days, when you go out, I want you to notice what your pattern is again . You’ll notice it 10 times stronger because you’ll now be aware of it. Just like when you take sugar out of your diet and then you finally eat sugar again, you notice how sweet it actually is.

So we’re going to remove this sweetness – the dating – from your life for a little while. Then when you’ve completed your ‘cleanse,’ you’re going to be hyperaware. We are especially hyperaware when change happens. You will be more aware of your actions and responses and the type of men that you gravitate toward.

So, the next time you walk into a lounge, note the first guy you’re attracted to. After detoxing, you will be different. You will catch yourself and choose differently, breaking your old patterns. Then sit back and be open for a different guy to approach you.

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Dating Detox Tips:

  • Share it with friends. This allows them to honour your boundaries that you are not open to dating for three months.
  • If guys ask you to date, control yourself and call them back in 90 days because you’re not ready to date. Remember the reason why you felt the need for a change and decided on the Dating Detox.
  • Shut down your online profile so that you aren’t tempted and don’t have to be affected by everyone else’s dating life.
  • Try to spend some time at home journaling about your past relationships and not going out every night. This allows for a better chance at deep and meaningful reflection.