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Monique Lucas

M.A., RP
Couples & Family Therapist

Monique is a Registered Psychotherapist, who is devoted to working collaboratively with Individuals, Couples and Families to develop a plan that is best tailored to each individual’s needs. She completed my Master of Arts in Counselling and Spirituality with a concentration in working with Couples and Families. Her training also included incorporating spirituality into the therapy process. This allows her to integrate clients’ spiritual beliefs and values into their goals and treatment plans, should they desire.

When working with couples and families she draws from many therapeutic modalities, but she primarily works from an Emotion Focused Therapeutic (EFT) lens. EFT can provide an experiential component to therapy that assists couples and families in developing greater awareness of their underlying emotions. EFT helps couples and families develop positive and safe ways to communicate unmet needs and deeper emotions, which assists in creating new ways of interacting with loved ones.

Monique also prefers to incorporate Imago Therapy when working with couples. This is a theory that helps couples gain a better understanding of how early childhood experiences may impact and influence adult emotional experiences and relationships. Imago Therapy allows couples to understand and learn more about how each of their “childhood wounds” impact their relationship; it provides an opportunity for healing and growth.

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