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Kristen Fennell


Kristen is a neurotherapist who has been working in the Neurofeedback field for 4 years. She received her Masters of Neuroscience from Carleton University, as well as a Masters of Educational Counselling from the University of Ottawa. Kristen has received intensive training from professional experts in the field and continues to work closely with these mentors for case conceptualization and supervision. Kristen has a keen interest in QEEG assessments and provides comprehensive reviews of individual data. Her wide breadth of neurotherapy training allows her to tailor treatment programs to individuals based on their history and goals. Kristen has experience working with a variety of neurotherapeutic approaches including neuromodulation (e.g., High Performance Neurofeedback, Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy) and neurofeedback (e.g, single channel training, z-score neurofeedback- LoRETA). She also facilitates biofeedback training sessions, including Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Electromyography (EMG). Kristen is in the process of completing the requirements for certification with the The Biofeedback Certification International Alliance. She currently assists in training and mentorship at both the Toronto and Ottawa Neurofeedback and Psychotherapy Centres.