Are you and your partner driving each other crazy? Is Covid causing a strain on your relationship with your partner? With a lack of outside social interaction, child care difficulties, Covid concerns, and little productivity, it’s no surprise that you and your partner may be feeling some tension. Check-in with your relationship and ease the strain.

Here are some tips to rekindle the romantic spark between you and your partner!


1. Check-in with your partner

You’re not alone — your partner is probably feeling the tension too.

Ask your partner:

  • How are you doing today?
  • What are you feeling?
  • Is there any way I can support you?

Try adding this to you and your partner’s daily routines. Be open to your partner’s needs, desires, challenges, and goals. Communication creates connection! This gives you an opportunity to share with your partner how you’re feeling as well.


2. Respect your partner’s time and space

Be mindful that you and your partner may not have the space and time away from each other as you used to. Remember to give your partner some alone time when they need it, or try suggesting alone time to them if you sense they may need it. If you’re unsure when and where that may be, ask them. Perhaps you can plan to have your individual alone times at the same time!


3. Plan a date night

You may be feeling bored of your partner — seeing them in the same sweatshirt, watching the same TV show, talking about the same things. Be creative and refresh your relationship by planning a date night in. Set the table, get dressed up, and cook a special meal together. Or, try reading a book together, going for a drive or walk together, visiting an online museum, or hosting an intimate spa night for two. Make a date night tradition with your partner and get that quality time back!


4. Express gratitude

Don’t forget to say “thank you” to your partner! Share with your partner your appreciation for their efforts. Though these times are difficult, there is still a lot to be grateful for. Try setting time aside to share the things you’re both grateful for and remind each other to stay focused on the good! You’ll notice how much more you bond over appreciation than criticism. You may also want to express your gratitude for your partner through random acts of kindness. Make your partner a coffee in the morning, leave them a note, complete a household task that your partner is typically responsible for, pick-up or order in their favourite snack, show physical affection!


5. Flirt!

You and your partner are with each other for a reason. Remind yourself and your partner of all the things you find desirable and sexy about them!

Remind them of your first date or moment you first met, and recreate that chemistry. Remain playful and excited, surprise them, compliment them. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll rekindle that flame through flirting!




If you’re interested in exploring the rekindling of your relationship further, or would like to speak to a therapist, reach out to our team here for a free 20 minute consult!