Getting honest about quarantine weight can be uncomfortable. This year has been extremely hard on all of us, our routines have been totally upended, and our “sheltering-at-home” diet hasn’t necessarily been the best representation of health. 

If you’ve noticed your body changing, it’s normal to feel insecure around this. It can be difficult to adapt to a version of ourselves that we might not recognize. With weight gain might come some apprehensions towards going out in public. You might have insecurity around meeting new people, making connections, or building a relationship once you get back into the dating game. You’re not alone in feeling this way – so many individuals at our clinic have expressed feeling unequipped for the dating world since their bodies have changed so much. 

If you are struggling with the idea of dating or making social connections after putting on some quarantine weight, consider these 3 reminders that might help you cope a little easier during the process…


A little self-compassion goes a long way

During this turbulent time, it’s important to remember that a little self-compassion can go a long way. Sure… maybe you’ve put on 10, 20, or even more pounds.’ve been living through a global pandemic! You’re human, and your body has been living through a state of chaos. It was essentially thrown into survival mode. It has been reacting to stress in a way that was keeping it feel safe. You have one body in this lifetime…and a powerful one! Being kind to yourself and the body that you reside in is so important for reclaiming your confidence. Thank your body for getting you through one of the most stressful periods of your life!


You can aggressively love your assets! 

Maintaining a positive body image can be so tough when you’re focusing on every inch of yourself that you don’t love. When looking in the mirror, consider the things about yourself that you have come to admire and love those with full force! For example, maybe your body isn’t your favourite asset right now…but maybe your new hairstyle or cut you’ve grown into over quarantine is what you want to put on display and where you want people’s attention to go! Reclaim your confidence by paying full attention to the parts of yourself that you love. 


Everyone is way too preoccupied with themselves

Something that people often forget is that others are hardly ever thinking about us, because they are spending too much time thinking about themselves! If you are worrying about friends, strangers, or a love interest focusing on your insecurities or “flaws”, keep in mind that we tend to be our own worst critic. If there are aspects of your body that you are hyper aware of, it is very likely that other people are too busy focusing on their own insecurities to notice or criticize something in you. A lack of confidence might come from how we think others are perceiving us, so reclaim your confidence by acknowledging that everyone is way too preoccupied with themselves! 



If you find yourself struggling with body image or confidence during these difficult times, you are not alone and we are here to help support you. Click here to book a free 20-minute consultation with one of our therapists.