November 30 2017

By Hayley Mattews

The Short Version: From a young age, Nicole McCance felt curious about what made people tick. She got her master’s degree in counseling psychology because she wanted to understand how brain chemistry affects behavior and how patterns of behaviors affect personal relationships. After years of study, she established a private psychology practice based in Toronto where she treats high-functioning individuals experiencing issues with anxiety, depression, trauma, or love. She supervises a team of trained psychotherapists who recommend positive habits and communication techniques that foster good mental health. From her lakeside office, Nicole provides sound psychological assessments to singles and couples who want to transform their lives and their relationships.

My mom has always been emphatic about never using food as emotional comfort. I could be dissolving into a puddle of tears after a breakup, but if I asked for a bowl of ice cream or some fries to make myself feel better, my mom would give me a lecture instead.

I can recite it verbatim: “Food is for sustenance, not comfort. We don’t eat to feel better. We get up and go for a walk, or we talk it out with a friend. That’s how we deal with our problems — in a healthy way.”

My mom would definitely approve of Nicole McCance and her walk-and-talk approach to therapy. This trained psychologist invites her clients to join her on a stroll along the lake by her office in casual one-on-one sessions that let people relax, get some exercise, and feel comfortable discussing their emotions.

Based in Toronto, Nicole heads up a highly skilled team of registered psychotherapists. She got into psychology thinking she wanted to work on anger management issues with convicted criminals, but she ended up discovering her true calling was working with individuals and couples on matters closer to the heart.

When she earned her master’s at the University of Toronto, she found she had a knack for connecting with people on a personal level because she was genuinely interested in knowing more about them. “I was fascinated by people,” she told us. “I began to see that relationships in general all have similar problems, and I wanted to understand and address those issues.”

Today, Nicole is a lauded psychologist, TV personality, and best-selling author who runs a reputable therapy practice. She has appeared as an on-screen relationship and mental health expert on Global News, Cosmopolitan TV, and other media outlets. In her work as a private counselor, she employs proven techniques to put singles and couples in touch with what’s going on beneath the surface so they can correct their negative behaviors or thought patterns and pursue healthy, happy relationships.

“I try to peel back the layers and connect couples with their unmet needs,” she said, “because when couples learn to be vulnerable with each other, that is a lasting skill that they can take with them and use to conquer the world together.”

A Private Therapy Practice for Intelligent Clients in Toronto
Nicole meets with clients in person, over the phone, and via Skype as often as once a week and as little as once a month. Her private counseling sessions are flexible to the needs of the client. You can come in by yourself or with your significant other to hash out your problems in a safe environment.

If you’re not the sit-around-and-talk type, you can grab your running shoes and book a Walk ‘n’ Talk session with Nicole. Some clients find walking along the boardwalk with a psychologist is therapeutic because it connects them with nature and their bodies. She said she’s careful to schedule these walks during hours when the boardwalk is the least crowded so they can have a confidential discussion.

Typically, Nicole sees high-functioning adults who want to work on themselves or their relationships. The psychologist uses emotion focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and imago relationship therapy to tackle a variety of deep-seated issues. She treats individuals with postpartum depression and social anxiety, and she counsels couples on the brink of divorce. She said she often incorporates results-driven coaching into her conversation with clients.

“I do more than just listen,” she told us. “I think it’s important that my clients leave here with tools to practice in between sessions.”

With a gentle tone and honest feedback, Nicole gives her clients the knowledge they need to rid themselves of emotional baggage and move forward in life. She identifies triggers, teaches healthy communication skills, and emphasizes the importance of owning how you feel.

“Being assertive is really powerful because it allows both parties to communicate their unmet needs,” she said. “Sometimes couples are fighting, but they don’t even know why. It’s not always about the dishes. Most of the time, it has nothing to do with the dishes.”

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