BY  Posted January 20, 2020 4:14 pm

“Originally Blue Monday in 2005 actually came out through a P.R. company,” explained Nicole McCance a Clinical Psychologist. “I think for many people just having this day to be aware and do a mental health check and check in to how you are feeling lately, is not a bad thing.”

Today Cadillac Fairview hosted its third annual pop-up puppy park at four CF office towers in downtown Toronto. It’s a tradition the office tenants look forward to.

“We find that when we have the animals in the lobby it’s just a different day in the building,” said Michael Manuel, general manager at RBC Centre. “Everyone looks so happy and smiling on this really cold melancholy day.”

The puppies, provided by Corporate Canine Therapy, were more than eager to spread their unconditional love and non-judgemental support to the employees.

“Research shows that even petting a puppy calms your nervous system. It reduces your heart rate, your blood pressure, and generally makes you happier,” McCance said.


Making the event extra special was the appearance of social media icon Elvis Pawsley.

“He’s pretty big,“ said Pawsley’s owner, Varsha Kumar. “He’s got 31.7k followers.”

“Cuddling a puppy gets us out of our head and for a moment we get a reprieve,” said McCance. “It just allows us to be in the moment.”


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