Peak Performance

Do you want to enhance and optimize how your brain functions?

Are you tired of not reaching your full potential?

Are you an athlete, executive, musician, or student looking to take it to the next level?

The world is filled with people doing exceptional things. You know that you can reach that level of accomplishment, and Neurofeedback can help you refine your skills, reduce barriers and increase your performance to get you there.


When we are young, our brain constantly develops neurons and neural pathways. By adulthood, the number of pathways will start decreasing, which leads many people to assume that we start to lose function or potential to learn. This is not the case, though; our brain in adulthood still has the ability to grow new neural pathways and even strengthen existing ones. This is known as brain plasticity, and it is the basis of programs designed to maintain and improve our mental capacity.


  • Psychotherapy (in person or virtual)
  • Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback and Peak Performance

By identifying areas of your brain that support a particular skill, Neurofeedback will give you a competitive edge. Similar to training in a gym, Neurofeedback requires commitment and practice to reach your goals. It is through this regular training that neural pathways are developed and strengthened. Neurofeedback treatment for obtaining your peak performance can include eliminating certain factors, such as anxiety or muscle tension. It also includes improving areas to help you get to that next level, including your motivation, reaction time, ability to focus, and the fine tuning of specific skills. It is a clinical treatment backed by science and medical information.


Neurofeedback is very different from other available “brain training.” Whether you are an athlete, artist, business executive, or anyone serious about reaching your peak performance, you will undergo an initial assessment with us at the Toronto Neurofeedback and Psychotherapy Centre. There, you will set specific goals, and your training will target these goals and your EEG patterns. By taking this scientific and medical approach, your brain will be strengthened to reach its optimal performance level. Clients have not only reported gaining the competitive edge they were looking for, but they are also able to handle stress better and can reach their full potential.

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