Did you know that neurofeedback is very effective for panic attacks? Panic attacks are generally difficult to treat because of their unexpected onset. But Neurofeedback can be especially effective for panic attacks when administered in conjunction with psychotherapy.

Anxiety is a hyper aroused state of our nervous systems and results from too much high beta brain waves. Your brain might be dysregulated in this way and it doesn’t even know it. You may have even gotten accustomed to the feeling of anxiety so much so that you do not realize when you are anxious. Typical symptoms of anxiety include: Feeling constantly rushed or having a sense of urgency about everything, trouble breathing and impatience. These symptoms can lead to irritability and difficulty sleeping which results in concentration difficulties at work or even in your relationships.

You may be asking, how does neurofeedback work? The EEG electrodes can read your brainwaves and provide feedback to you on what your brain is doing. In the case of panic attacks, it interrupts the brain patterns related to the panic. Similar to the electrical signal sent to the heart when you experience dysrhythmia, neurofeedback interrupts your anxious beta brainwaves by sending a signal to your brain. The brain then knows to get back to its regular pattern. It only takes about ten to twelve weekly neurofeedback sessions for the brain to get back to its regular patterns.

Your body always wants to be in homeostasis, a state of balance. It knows how balance feels and is always striving to attain it. The body knows when we are too cold, or too hot and it takes steps to bring us back to balance. The brain regulates your brain waves just like your body regulates your temperature. But the brain needs help achieving this balance when it is stuck in unhealthy patterns. By interrupting it through neurofeedback, we let it reboot and it reorganizes itself to become more regulated. This is when your symptoms will subside.

Your brain knows what it is like to be healthy. A healthy regulated brain has no symptoms. It sleeps well, is not agitated, it concentrates, has good memory and does not have panic attacks. Your worries are reduced, breaths are deeper and you feel safe. Most importantly, it makes you feel good!

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