February 12 2018

By Simone Paget

Canadians may be known for their politeness, love of maple syrup and hockey, but according to a new study, we may have another less obvious national pastime: car sex.

A recent survey commissioned by autoTRADER.ca found that 75% of Canadians admit they’ve been physically intimate with someone in a vehicle at some point in their dating careers. While many of us are quick to associate backseat romps as simply being a means to an end, the data says otherwise. The majority of Canadians surveyed (75%) said they’d happily engage in “vehicular coitus” if their partner was into the idea.

“Despite technology dramatically transforming dating culture, something about getting hot and heavy in a car transcends generations and has stood the test of time,” says psychologist and relationship expert Nicole McCance. “It seems the majority of Canadians are open to moving beyond the bedroom, but want to make sure their partners are on the same page. Not only does an intimate encounter in a car offer an element of excitement and danger, it may also be considered convenient in some cases.”

Ah yes, convenience. There was a time in my own romantic history when sex was synonymous with awkward encounters with gear shifts, bruised knees and chafing from upholstery – and no, I’m not referring to high school. I was in my early thirties and I’d moved back in with my mother following a major break-up.

When I was ready to start dating again, I naively cast my net very wide. Consequently, I went out with a lot of divorced, single dads whose living situations were even more complicated than my own. In an effort to avoid awkward encounters with parents, babysitters and children, our intimate encounters often occurred within the confines of sensible, family friendly SUVs.

According to the research, my experiences may be part of a larger trend. When it comes to turning a vehicle into their own personal love nest, interestingly it’s boomers (aged 55+) who are most experienced in this area (79%), with millennials (aged 18-34) following closely behind (65%).

When it comes to car sex, “the majority of Canadians described this amorous activity as ‘fun and exciting,’ or ‘naughty and risqué’ – it’s a new, playful side of Canadians that we haven’t seen so overtly before,” shared McCance.

However, given the fact we’re living in a culture where free time is at a premium and rising housing costs have pushed many millennials into communal living situations, I’m inclined to side with the third (36%) of respondents who said they value the “convenience factor” of it all.

For many people, car sex is seen as an “escape” – an opportunity to give into desire, safely away from the eyes and ears of family, roommates and other interlopers. As McCance notes, “cars give us that perfect ‘carpe diem’ opportunity to emotionally and physically connect with our partner, any time, anywhere.”

However, in my experience the novelty of vehicular coitus is fleeting. There’s only so many times you can jab your shin on a seat belt buckle before you start fantasizing about enjoying your lover in a setting that involves more padding (i.e. an actual bed) and less rug burns.

If you can’t wait until you get home, here’s a few tips that are sure to lead to toe-curling car sex.

1. Use seat belts as restraints in the front seat.

Your vehicle is basically a DIY BDSM playroom on wheels. “Lower the back of the seat as you straddle your partner and press their hands up above their head to tie them up,” says Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, host of the @SexWithDrJess Podcast.

2. Do it in the garage.

Don’t have time to take a trip to Inspiration Point? The second most popular spot for action in a car is none other than the garage (17%). “If you’re not an exhibitionist, you can still relish in the thrill of steaming up the windows and break your regular bedroom routine by moving into the garage — just be sure to leave the engine OFF,” says O’Reilly.

3. Don’t get hung up on intercourse.

Anyone who has tried before knows that having sex in a vehicle is often easier said than done. O’Reilly suggests getting creative. “The tight quarters of a car are often better suited to oral sex, hand jobs (for all genitals!), making out and playing with toys (throw one in the glove compartment). And be sure to make use of the more spacious front passenger seat – try sitting on your partner’s lap or bending over the armrest.”