Dr. Anna Lísa Jóhannsdóttir

Clinical Psychologist (under supervised practice)
Psy.D, Ed.M.

Life can be challenging, especially when juggling multiple responsibilities and navigating life transitions. It can feel impossible to slow down, connect with one’s pain and distress. As difficult as it may be, those are the moments that nurture understanding and awareness that can help shift negative internal patterns closer to personal empowerment and self evolution.

I believe therapy also aims to improve communication and to increase ownership of ones’ strengths and vulnerabilities. I incorporate an understanding of the multiple systems impacting the individual that includes cultural systems, family systems, and the individual experience along with the sociopolitical atmosphere at the time.
My approach varies depending on the client and the clinical context or setting. With children, I focus on providing them space to express themselves in ways they feel comfortable through art, play, music and dialogue. In working with families, the treatment may focus on addressing the family’s motivations, fears, and expectations, while also deepening connections. I believe the process of witnessing and acknowledging pain and joining the client in the process towards their personal healing is central. Regardless of the medium of therapy, I always aim to actively collaborate with the client on a journey of heightened awareness of their lived experiences and to attune to their everyday needs.

Client Focus:

Adults, Adolescents, Children 5+, Families

Types of Therapy:

Psychodynamic therapy through a social justice lens, Attachment therapy, Play and art-based therapy, Multi-systems therapy, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Psychoeducational assessments, and Collaborative Psychological assessments


Complex trauma and PTSD, depression, anxiety, emotional regulation, self/identity development, ADHD and learning challenges, parenting stress, and life transitions.

More Than Just My Work:

I love spending time with my kids, eating delicious and diverse food, baking, yoga, and playing serious, golf.

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