With the start of the school year being right around the corner, many students are excited to go back to the classroom for in-person learning and seeing their friends. However, parents might be feeling particularly anxious about education after the pandemic. Transitions from remote learning can be difficult for kids, but might bring up unique challenges for parents as well. If you’re a parent feeling wary of the safety of your kids, you are not alone. Many parents at our clinic are feeling this way and there are a few things that we can keep in mind to ease this transition!

Practice Good Communication

Having good communication is vital in any relationship; but especially between parent and child. Discuss any potential challenges or worries that both parties may encounter and possible solutions that work for everyone. For example, you can ask your child if there is anything that they are worried about for the return back to school. If your child is experiencing separation anxieties, practicing separation is a conversation worth having. When we help to alleviate anxiety in our kids, it helps us as parents feel more secure. It won’t be easy to get back into the groove of how things were pre-pandemic, but hosting a healthy discussion around changes or compromises might make the transition more seamless.

Seek Support When Needed 

Every family dynamic is unique, and it is crucial to keep that in mind when we share what works for us. Some might have a challenging time, while others might find no issues in readjusting back to “normal”. If you’re a parent feeling particularly anxious about your kid’s return to school, speak with other parents in similar situations. When we communicate our struggles, we invite the opportunity for support. We can find more comfort when others share similar challenges.

Trust Your Kids 

After being home for a while, it can be challenging to trust the safety of your family while out in the world again. There are many more factors to consider now compared to 18 months ago. The health, safety, and general security of our kids is much more compromised. With this in mind, It can be helpful to be aware of their actions and whereabouts, but trust is crucial. Trusting that your children are equally mindful of the social situations they are in, and are well informed of their actions and consequences is the key to this transition. Trust in yourself as a parent is just as important! Trust that you taught your kids appropriate safety rules during these times.  


Change is Good 

Change can be uncomfortable…but it is important to recognize that these transitions are teaching both yourself and your kids invaluable lessons; That is, learning how to adapt to change fosters a growth mindset! Our living conditions have been rapidly changing, and the way that we adapt around them are testaments to who we are becoming. Your children are learning to adapt during the most difficult time of their lives. Allowing this change to happen with more flow and less restriction is key. 


It’s important to remember that everyone encounters hardships. Find what works best for you and your family. This past portion of our lives has given us the opportunity to re-evaluate the good and bad, allowing us to reemerge as active members of society. 

If you are struggling with parenting during these difficult times, we offer parent coaching! If you wish to receive individual support regarding any difficult emotions you are experiencing around this time, you can book a free consult with one of our therapists. We are here to support you.