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Something I have questioned for quite some time is why, despite having such good benefits, does the end of the year roll around and they are left unused? The intention to use them is always there and each time I go for a massage I even say out loud, “I shouldn’t have waited so long, I WILL book another next week.” Well, next week for me was last year … and here I am once again putting it off, talking about it, but not putting any plans into action. I even recall sitting with my husband last night offering to book him an eye appointment, massage, and dental cleaning … all of which I could certainly use.

I am sure many of you can relate to this scenario and understand the benefits these services and resources provide for overall health and wellness. So, why do we not take advantage of these services including dental, vision, and psychological services? Why do we take care of others and often overlook our own needs?

I reached out to my colleagues to hear what they had to say, and this is what I came up with:

  1. “It takes a while for benefits to be activated”
  2. “Not knowing when the benefits begin, end, and what they entail”
  3. “I wait to use them until I really need them, especially for those ‘what if moments'”
  4. “I have no need for them and only use what I need”
  5. “I don’t prioritize my health”
  6. “The need to pay upfront is something I cannot afford and there is a lack of places that offer direct billing”
  7. “It is too time consuming to look into it and I don’t have the time to wait on hold to ask”
  8. “I work 5 days a week and services are limited on the weekend; I can’t afford to take time off work during the week”
  9. “There is a lack of access to resources, I can’t find providers that offer what I need, too many waitlists”
  10. “The whole process is too much of a hassle”

If you are like me, you can probably relate to about half of these responses and right now, at this moment, you might even be adding the reminder to print out your benefits booklet or to book an eye exam on your to do list. For those of you who have health benefits and may even be dealing with a chronic illness or injury, the cost of paying into them with a percentage of your salary is definitely worth it. But remember, a lot of the benefits offered should be viewed from a different lens, which is the preventative measure you can take when it comes to your health.

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1. One of the biggest suggestions I can make is to ask your employer and benefits provider questions.

2. Plug the dates of when they begin and end into your calendar (and have this repeat every year!). Don’t wait for those “what if moments,” embrace the present, and take care of you.

3. Network with your colleagues, neighbours, and friends.

4. Don’t think of prioritizing your health as a hassle. 


If COVID has taught me anything it has made me more aware of what is working for me, what needs to change, and that my health is an absolute necessity.


At Toronto Neurofeedback and Psychotherapy Center we offer a variety of services to help you manage and navigate whatever challenges you are faced with. We offer both virtual and in-person psychotherapy, as well as neurofeedback, all of which are covered by most benefits’ insurance providers.


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