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Spring is in the air — it’s time for spring cleaning! Did you know that decluttering can actually help us decrease stress and depression? With the challenges of everyday life, especially during these crazy times, it’s easy for stress and low mood to take over. Let’s expand our usual spring cleaning of closet organization and garage sales to a major life decluttering. Here are 5 ways to spring clean your life this season!


Start with Your Environment

In order to declutter our lives, we need to start with the space around us — our home, office, car. If we wake up to a mess or disorganization, what can we expect to feel? A messy environment can trigger anxiety, and affect our sleep and focus.

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  • Tidy up your work space by sorting your emails into folders, throw out old pens that no longer work, organize your bookshelf
  • Clean out the family junk drawer, add some dividers to keep it tidy, or remove it entirely
  • Organize your fridge and pantry by food group, get rid of the expired condiments, place healthier foods at eye level
  • Detail your car, throw out the trash from the side of your door, vacuum the mats, add a new scent to your vehicle
  • Assign your children a project to reorganize their own bedrooms and closets, bathrooms, or workspaces



You can make this a fun event for the family while sneaking in a lesson for your kids to give back by giving away things they once loved to someone else in need! After cleaning up the spaces that you spend the most time in, your mind and body will already feel way more spacious and motivated to make time for other priorities.


Trash Your Toxic Relationships

Evaluate the people and relationships around you. Work on mending or building those relationships that deserve time and effort, and trash those relationships that are just too toxic. Choose the right people to surround yourself with.

This goes for social media as well — unfollow people or accounts that don’t make you feel your best or discourage you. Once you rid these toxic relationships, find something to replace them with. Are you going to put more time into another relationship? Take up a new hobby? Exercise self-care? Decide on something and stick with it!


Reset Your Priorities

It’s the start of a new season. Use this time to create a blank slate and re-establish your goals for the year or for the spring season. With the current times of uncertainty, it’s easy to get caught up in our worries. However, despite this, it’s important to not lose sight of the beauty of life.

Keep life simple. Identify the things that matter to you — your relationships with your partner or your children, finding happiness within yourself and exercising self-compassion, excelling in your career, helping others, whatever it may be. Then, put these in a list based on order of importance. From here, start with one simple short-term goal. The simpler and more realistic our goals, the more achievable they become!


Discard Distraction

Oftentimes distractions take over our day, even beyond our awareness. Maybe you spend too much time watching the same news channel, or too much time catching up on social media, or something we’re all guilty of — too much time spent worrying.

You may want to dedicate uninterrupted time out of your day for working toward your re-established goals. Try eliminating the amount of time you spend on these distractions and replace this with productivity. When we decrease distraction and spend more time on the things that bring us fulfillment, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on your day!


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Help Your Health

Clean up your life by targeting your wellbeing. Boost your physical health by adding a new vitamin to your daily dose, cutting down on coffee, reducing sugar, exercising more, stretching in the morning, going on a daily cleanse, getting more sunlight exposure, or adding more greens to your meals. When we work to boost our physical health, we also boost our mental health. Do whatever makes your mind and body feel good — remind yourself to move your body, practice positive self-talk, and eat mindfully!


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