Want to find a fast-effective way to help deal with your mental wellness, online?!  


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the most popular utilized evidenced based therapies in the mental health profession today, pairing it with the ability to conduct session online, makes it a winning combination! CBT can be applied to varying types of problems that people experience in their lives. From depression, anxiety, eating disorders, phobias, addictions, stress and much more.

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The 3 way’s iCBT can help boost your confidence:

1. Accessibility

Don’t have time to spend an hour each week going to a therapist’s office?

Having easier accessibility may encourage a client to access therapy more readily than the traditional mode. Attending online therapy and engaging in self-reflection, awareness and understanding of one’s concerns, and learning how to resolve this, helps the client become more confident in their own abilities.

2. Anonymity

The online modality provides the client with a perception of anonymity, how does that help build confidence? Well for one thing, it breaks downs a ‘nervous’ factor that a client may have with opening up to deeper issues.

Being online provides a veil of anonymity to the client, helping them become more at ease in the session and have an open factor in their communication. The therapeutic relationship is important in all therapy settings, but studies are showing there is something in an online exchange that allows the client to perceive this anonymity, perhaps it’s the fact you’re not sitting right across from an another individual and having thoughts split into what you want to say, as well as thinking about what you think that other person is thinking. One less thing to think about builds your own confidence level in being able to share your information.

3. Awareness

Our thoughts play a big role in how confident we feel, and so if we break down these perceptions, therefore if being online helps a person feel more relaxed and ready to open up, then their thought process changes. They share what they are concerned about, and as a result begin the healing process, the change process, the self love process, all of which turns the negative thoughts of the client into positive ones. It’s those positive healing, reflective, self loving words to ourselves that helps build that confidence feeling within.  

Online therapy will definitely widen the playing field in the mental health industry. Having CBT as the forefront therapy used in this environment will prove beneficial and effective for all, not just for the individual or the therapist, but for our society as a whole!

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