And here we go again…a second dreaded wave of covid-19. Over the last 7 months of this pandemic we have had so many losses. The loss of our old life, loss of our favourite routines, loss of seeing our friends and family the way we want to, etc. It’s normal to feel disappointment. The cases were decreasing, things started to get better and your mood may have even started improving.

Here are some tips to get through this:

1. Feel your feelings and cry.

  • If you release your emotions you will feel less anxiety and less irritable toward the people around you. Anxiety and irritability are signals that emotion is trapped within the body that needs to be let out. Expect to feel a little bit better after a cry.  If you have difficulty crying take a minute to remove distractions and feel how life is having an impact on you. Then let it go.

man wearing black, white, and gray plaid sport shirt covering his face

2. Take your power back. For my 40th birthday this year I had plans to go on a dream trip out of the country, but then that got shut down. Then I had plans to go to Quebec City and then that also got shut down. This resulted in two of my flights being cancelled and many moments of frustration and disappointment. Now that we are in the second wave, it feels as if it is me against Covid. Covid has taken so much from us. So I said, “no no no you don’t get to ruin my birthday Covid. I’m not going to allow you to linger in my mood. I’m going to reduce the news I watch and I’m going to suck all of the juice out of my birthday, whatever that looks like”. So instead I decided to pivot and go to Niagara on the Lake with my husband and have the best time ever. We need to take our power back.

  • It’s us against Covid, but Covid is not going to win the long game. Maybe the short game, but not the long game. Ask yourself, how do I take my power back? What do I have control over that I can do to make my day better? Am I changing my behaviour? Am I changing my thoughts?left human fist

3. Talk to a therapist. If you feel as if step one and two is not enough, see a therapist. The Toronto Neurofeedback and Psychotherapy Centre provides psychotherapy services with several qualified clinicians that can help you navigate mental health challenges through Covid-19. Click here to book a free consultation today!